Gifting Securities

Making a gift of securities is an easy way to help keep Laura’s spirit alive while enjoying select benefits including:

  • The value of your gift at the time of transfer is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law
  • You may donate mutual funds, appreciated stock or bonds
  • You may eliminate the need to pay capital gains

To donate follow these easy steps:

  1. Please contact your financial advisor to initiate the transfer.
  2. Notify us of your intent to make a donation of securities.
    1. Your name may not transfer with your securities. In order for our foundation to thank you properly and in a timely manner, please contact Michael Rosenberg at to alert us in advance of the transfer.
  3. Download a copy of our securities transfer instructions here and return it to The Laura Rosenberg Foundation.
  4. Transfer your securities electronically or by mail.
    1. The Laura Rosenberg Foundation will forward you an acknowledgment in accordance with IRS standards for your donation.

Note: The information is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional.