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The Laura Rosenberg Research Fellowship Program

Our prestigious research fellowship program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has been instrumental in the progress made toward bringing the survival rate to over 90% for the disease that took Laura’s life as well as creating effective radical new treatments for many other forms of the disease.

The Laura Rosenberg Pediatric Observation Unit

The Pediatric Observation Unit (POU) ensures close, immediate monitoring and an increased level of intensive clinical support.  This unit provides step-up and step-down care in a state-of-the-art environment.


The Laura Rosenberg Procedure Suite

The Procedure Suite, which consists of a small operating room staffed by a full-time anesthesiologist and pediatric surgeon, uses fast-acting general anesthesia so that minor invasive procedures can be accomplished painlessly. The suite also includes an adjacent recovery area.


The Laura Rosenberg Family Lounge

The family lounge is an area whereby families can congregate, relax, read a book, meditate or just socialize with other families dealing with similar experiences.   In 1981, when Laura’s family spent time at the MSK-CC, they were confined to being only in Laura’s hospital room or in the hallway.  The pediatric floor did not have a comfortable family lounge, they way it is set up today.